Whether you’re just dating or are happily married, a 3 month anniversary definitely deserves a celebration. Explore my most beautiful wishes for that sweet occasion!

“It takes two very special people to really weather the storms of life together and still be smiling years later. Happy anniversary!”

“Our love is sweeter than honey in a honeycomb. Purer than water from the springs. It’s been 3 months together. I couldn’t ask for a better lover. I love you.”

“This time, 3 months ago, our love story began and it’s been wonderful, every step of the way. I love you dearly, baby. Now and forever.”

“Dawn dawned and I can’t stop thinking about you. Happy 3 months, love!  I think of the first time I kissed you and I can’t  stop sighing. You were  and will always be the  best decision of my life!”

“My life with you these 3 months is something I thought could only exist in fairy tales. You have shown me what true love really is. Happy anniversary my love.”

“While I do love a good love story, I have to admit that ours is my favorite one of all. Happy 3-month anniversary.”

“Some fell in love with the wrong person. I have fallen in love with the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. I’m never going to lose you. The past 3 months made me know that.”

From dating milestones to wedding anniversaries, explore my lovely list of happy 3 month anniversary wishes and find the perfect words for the occasion, right below!