I know that there is nothing in this world that could ease your sorrow of missing a sister who died. However, this collection of missing a sister who died quotes may at least offer you some consolation.

“Memories fade over time, but my sister isn't a memory. She's a part of me.” -Michele Meleen

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” -Marion C. Garretty

“The years I had with my sister will always be more memorable than the years she's been gone.” -Michele Meleen

“I feel your presence watching and guiding me, sister. Even though you are gone, I know you’re still always there to help if I need it. Rest in peace, sister.”

“Even death can’t weaken the bond we share, sister. I’ll always carry your memories in my heart.”

“There’s a place in my heart no one could fill – I miss you, dear sister, and always will.”

“The family chain is broken now, and nothing seems the same, but as God takes us one by one, the chain will link again.”

“So I’ll make a wish for you upon the brightest star to carry all my love right to where you are.”

“Of all the many blessings, however great or small, to have had you for a sister was the greatest one of all.”

Goodbye to you, dear sister. You deserve eternal rest. You cared so much for everyone and always did your best.”

“You may have been taken out of sight but never out of my heart. You’ll live forever in my memories from where you will never depart.”

Let these heartfelt quotes on missing a sister who died help you express the pain of losing her and the enduring love you still feel for her!