If you're someone who likes to pray for your dearest then these happy new month prayers to my love are something that you need to check out.

“Loving you comes so easy because you are the best gift from God to me. May the new month take us higher into a deeper love for one another. Happy new month, sweetheart.”

“God bless you first, bless me next, and then bless our union. A happy new month to my Jewel of inestimable value.”

“This new month, may Heaven smile upon you, may the Earth give you its best, and may life give you comfort as you’ve desired. Lots of love, beautiful.”

“It’s a new dawn, my love. The new day is full of love, I know the new week shall be decked with riches untold, and it’s going to be a blissful new month for you and me.”

“I wish to grow old right in your arms. Nothing else can be more satisfying than that. A happy new month to the King of my heart. You are favored in all you do in Jesus’ name.”

“May darkness be far from you and the presence of the Holy God always be with you everywhere you go this month, my darling wife.”

“May this new month be brighter than the past one, enveloped in goodness and wellbeing, bliss, and endowments.”

“May every day of this new month have little doses of joy and love. You are a star, so shine all through the new month. All these and many more in my heart do I wish you this month and every day of my life.”

“My wish this new month is that the unity, love, and care we have shown to one another will continue to grow in our hearts.”

“It’s the beginning of a new month, and I pray that it will also be the beginning of great things in your life. Happy new month, honey.”

“In this new month, I pray that your beautiful eyes will never ever behold any sorrow, pain, and sadness.”

“I have something more than gold, better than silver, rarer than diamond and that’s you, my darling. A happy new month to you and God bless you tremendously.”

“I pray that you will today, tomorrow, and forever enjoy God’s presence, blessings, and grace.”

“Get ready to go to the next level of greatness and excellence this new month. Happy new month, dearie.”

“Your love brings me joys like never before and blessings that money cannot buy. On this new month, I pray that God continues to bless our marriage with his presence and his love.”

If you want to make your bond stronger, and keep you both closer to God, then swipe up for more new month to my love prayers!