In case you’re feeling down and struggling with self-doubt and low self-esteem, I got your back! My list of self-love affirmations will boost your mindset and provide you with positive vibes to feel more cheerful and excited about yourself and life in general.

“I am a good person who deserves happiness, health, and peace.”

“The world needs my light and I am not afraid to shine.”

“I am my own favorite person.”

“I am my own best friend.”

“I appreciate all the ways that I am unique.”

“I am amazing.”

“I am at home in my body.”

“I treat myself with gentle loving kindness at all times.”

“I am worthy of love just for being who I am.”

“I release all the self-hatred and flow freely toward self-love.”

Low self-esteem keeps you away from living to your true potential. These self-love affirmations will help you tackle that and fall in love with yourself!