10 Cute & Special 

To My Son

Birthday Prayers

"My son, as you celebrate this special day of your life, my prayer for you is that you will excel in everything that you do and that happiness always envelopes your life. Happy birthday!"

"My beloved son, may you be protected from every destructive plan of your enemies. And may happiness never depart your heart. Happy birthday wishes from your beloved mom!!!"

"On your Big Day, my dearest son, may God empower you with the guts to defeat every Goliath in your life. I love you, but God loves you even more."

"My one and only son is a year older today, and I wish you lovely living and I pray that the Lord will continually bless and keep you. Happy birthday my good loving son!!"

"Your arrival in our life is like a light that keeps our lives brighter, and yearly, you do shine brighter because of your kindness. You are the best son in the world. I love you."

“Heavenly Father, thank you for my son! I pray today and over the next year with the strength that he needs for his work, a deeper relationship with you, and joy in all he does.”

“To my son, have a blessed birthday. I pray your hunger for God would grow and that this coming year would be filled with His peace and grace.”

“You came into my life, and beamed a light of hope in me. For you, I will conquer mountains and fill valleys with possibilities. Happy birthday, son. Keep growing in grace.”

“May you feel fully alive and loved on this special day! You are a beautiful creation and I thank God for you!”

"As the sun shines in the morning, may God’s goodness and kindness shine upon you from this year, and forever. Happy birthday, son."

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