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90 Super Cute Gender Reveal Quotes For Your New Baby

90 Super Cute Gender Reveal Quotes For Your New Baby

From the moment of a pregnancy announcement, everyone is eager to know the gender of the little one. Is it gonna be a baby girl or a baby boy? Use these super cute gender reveal quotes to reveal the secret!

Top 20 Gender Reveal Quotes

1. “King or queen?”

King or Queen

2. “Senor or senorita?”

3. “Nuts or no nuts?”

4. “Bow ties or pearls?”

5. “Team boy or team girl?”

Team boy or team girl

6. “What the duck is it?”

7. “Little Man or little lady?”

8. “Lord or lady?”

9. “Tractors or tiaras?”

10. “Boots or ballet?”

11. “He or she?”

12. “Wheels or heels?”

13. “Prince or princess?”

14. “Bow or beau?”

15. “Mermaid or pirate?”

Mermaid or pirate

16. “Mister or miss?”

17. “Super she or super he?”

18. “Hair bow or bow tie?”

19. “Tie or Tutu?”

20. “Boots or bows?”

Boots or bows

Gender Reveal Quotes For Instagram

An excellent way to break the news to those who cannot come to your gender reveal party is by sharing your baby announcement on social media.

You can use one of these cute gender reveal quotes to announce the arrival of your new family member on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

1. “Will it be a daddy’s girl or a mama’s boy?”

Will it be a daddy’s girl or a mama’s boy

2. “Pink or blue, our dream came true!”

3. “Either way, we’re losing sleep!”

4. “Guns or Roses?”

5. “Let’s find out what color it is!”

Let’s find out what color it is

6. “Almost time to see, which will it be? A handsome little he or a beautiful little she?”

7. “Pink or blue, we love you.”

8. “Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two little eyes, and one little nose.”

9. “What color should we paint our nursery?”

10. “We’re about to find out!”

We’re about to find out

11. “Sports or sparkle?”

12. “Taco ‘bout a baby.”

13. “Will we have a ballerina, or will we have a headache?”

14.“Roses are red, violets are blue, hubby has a pe*is and the baby does too!”

15. “Cupcake or Studmuffin? What’s in the oven?”

Cupcake or Studmuffin

Themed Gender Reveal Quotes

These cute gender reveal quotes were inspired by sports, movies, and cartoons.

1. “Lumber Jack or Jill?”

Lumber Jack or Jill

2. “Jedi or princess?”

3. “Lures or Laces?”

4. “Baseball or ballet?”

5. “Racecars or ruffles?”

Racecars or ruffles

6. “Surfer boy or hula girl?”

7. “Mickey or Minnie?”

8. “Blue pill or pink pill?”

9. “Cowboy or cowgirl?”

10. “Team Luke or Team Leia?”

11. “Pixie or Pirate?”

12. “Team Bows or Team Baseball?”

13. “Colt or Filly?”

14. “Beauty or beast?”

15. “Superman or Wonder Woman?”

Superman or Wonder Woman

Cute Gender Reveal Party Quotes

Pregnancy is a special time in the lives of new parents, so why not make the most of it? Here’s a great idea: instead of a regular baby shower, organize a gender reveal baby shower!

You can use one of these sweet and fun gender reveal quotes to make your party really special.

1. “If the balloons aren’t [pink/blue], the party’s over and no one’s eating!”

If the balloons aren’t [pinkblue], the party’s over

2. “Team Staches or Team Lashes?”

3. “Little Quarterback or Little Homecoming Queen?”

4. “What will it be? We can’t wait to see!”

5. “Waddle it be? Is our new duckling a he or a she?”

Waddle it be

6. “Blue or pink, the poo still stinks!”

7. “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Supergirl/Superman!”

8. “Almost time to see, which will it be?”

9. “Gears or glitters?”

10. “Guess Whoooo?”

Guess whooo

11. “X or Y. We can’t wait to say hi.”

12. “It’s time to find out!”

13. “Free throws or pink bows?”

14. “Who won the race?”

15. “Mermaid or fisherman?”

Mermaid or Fisherman

16. “Tutus or Tuxes?”

17. “Barbie or Barney?”

18. “Lil man or lil miss?”

19. “Blue or pink, what do you think?”

20. “Little boy or little girl?”

Little boy or little girl

Gender Reveal Rhymes

If those short and simple quotes didn’t tickle your fancy, maybe these funny baby gender reveal rhymes will do the trick. Check them out!

1. “Little mister or litter sister?”

Little mister or litter sister

2. “Buck or doe, soon we’ll know.”

3. “A handsome little he or a beautiful little she?”

4. “Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?”

5. “One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish.”

6. “Blue or pink, what do you think?”

7. “He or she, what will this pumpkin be?”

8. “Cars and trucks, ribbons and bows. What are we having? We’re about to know!”

9. “Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Who you are, we don’t know!”

10. “A baby is coming, as cute as can be, will it be a bouncy he or a charming little she?”

A baby is coming, as cute as can be

11. “A gentle flower or a tough tree? What will our baby be?”

12. “Girl or boy, we will be full of joy.”

13. “Pink or blue, we all love you!”

14. “He or She. What will our Honey BEE?”

15. “We’re tickled pink and happy to say, a little princess is on her way!”

16. “Bippity boppity boo! Will it be pink, or will it be blue?”

17. “Sister or brother, what’s in my mother?”

18. “Our hearts are so filled with joy! We’re having a baby and guess what? It’s a boy!”

19. “Boy or girl, which will it be? Bite into your cupcake and you will see!”

20. “We’re having a diva! I mean girl, we’re having a girl.”

We’re having a diva!

So, which was your favorite?

Final Thoughts

Now that you have plenty of gender reveal quotes to choose from, it’s time to pick the best one and start preparing your gender reveal party.

First thing’s first – there’s no party without confetti!

The second thing to think about is the placement of your baby gender reveal quote.

Here’s some advice: if you want to make cute gender reveal shirts, you don’t need to buy t-shirts on Etsy or amazon when you can easily make your own.

The amount of great gender reveal ideas is endless. I only mentioned a few of them here, but let me know if you have any more exciting ideas in the comments section below.

Until next time!

90 Cute Gender Reveal Quotes For Your New Baby