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50 Blessed To See Another Year Quotes For A Fresh Start

50 Blessed To See Another Year Quotes For A Fresh Start

There’s something extra special in adding another chapter to the book of life. 

And you know what? I’m here to share the excitement of why each birthday feels like unwrapping a surprise gift. 

Explore below for an awesome collection of blessed to see another year quotes I gathered from all over the web, to capture the essence of turning a year older.

Let them remind you to appreciate, learn, and embrace the journey that unfolds with each passing year!

Top 10 Blessed To See Another Year Quotes

1. “With each sunrise, a new chapter unfolds. Grateful for the chance to write the story of another year, blessed with moments that matter.”

A woman with outstretched arms facing the the ocean representing the top blessed to see another year quote

2. “Every birthday is a new page in the book of life. Blessed and excited to see what twists and turns this next chapter will bring!”

3. “Cheers to a fresh start, another year to dream, to achieve, and to savor every moment. Feeling abundantly blessed.”

4. “We don’t grow old, we level up. Thankful for another year of wisdom, of living this wonderful life.”

5. “As the calendar turns, I count my blessings — another year to love, learn, and cherish life.”

6. “Life’s greatest gift is the chance to wake up to a new day, a new year. Blessed to unwrap that gift once again.”

7. “Every breath, every moment, every year is a blessing. Feeling blessed to see another year unfold.”

8. “I am enjoying the little things in life as they are the ones that make big things. Blessed to see another year!”

9. “Here’s to the gift of another year: A journey around the sun, filled with love, laughter, and lessons. Blessed to see another year.”

10. “Welcoming another year with open arms, as it unfolds like a storybook filled with the blessings of love, laughter, and unexpected adventures. I’m truly blessed!”

A girl with spread arms in the field representing the top blessed to see another year quote

Grateful For Another Year Quotes

1. “My heart is full of thanks to God, who has given me another year to make better decisions, reinforce old alliances, and renew delicate relationships.”

2. “Gratitude is my birthday gift to myself. Another year filled with tiny miracles, small joys, and immense love. Thankful for the privilege of living my own unique story.”

3. “Another year of life is another year of love — giving it, receiving it, finding it in unexpected places. Grateful for every heartbeat that lets me experience this love.”

4. “Striving for more without appropriate gratitude makes life meaningless and just an endless effort in chasing the wind. I am grateful for another year of my life.”

5. “Each new year of life is a precious gift. Thankful for another year to live, to love, and to make a difference.”

6. “Thank you for another year. Thank you for the happy moments and the sad ones too. Without everything, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you, God, for giving me such a beautiful life!”

7. “Here’s to another blessed year, where every sunrise gives us new opportunities, and each sunset teaches us gratitude. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and every year is another mile under our belts.”

8. “Another year, another 365 chances to feel the sunshine on my face and the earth beneath my feet. So thankful for every sunrise and every sunset that fills my life with color.”

9. “Overcoming the hurdles of life is the biggest victory. Blessed to see another year, another chance to chase dreams.”

10. “Nothing is too big or too small to be grateful for. In everything and for everything, give thanks. God, thank you for another year of my life.”

A woman in a striped dress and a sun hat standing in a sunflower field representing a birthday quote for myself

Blessed To See Another Year Quotes For Birthday

1. “On my birthday, I celebrate myself and all that I have accomplished. I’m blessed to see another year of my life.”

2. “Each birthday is a new sunrise, a new beginning, a fresh start. Blessed to wake up to another year of beautiful possibilities.”

3. “This past year has flown by. I have so much to be thankful for. I don’t want life to get in the way of staying young, so this year, I am going to rediscover something I used to love doing and reclaim my youth! Happy birthday to me!”

4. “Life is a book, and each year is a new chapter. With every birthday, we turn the page and embrace a new adventure. Blessed to have another chapter, filled with unknown plots and characters, yet to be discovered.”

5. “If one can be healthy for quite some time and still get to see another birthday in good health, then, it’s not wrong to say that I’m truly blessed!”

6. “Happy birthday to me! I’m ready for all the new life lessons and wisdom I will gain from the experiences that await me.”

7. “Wishing myself a happy birthday. I’m so determined to make this year special, and I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way.”

8. “Whenever I go through a whole day, I see more than enough reason to bless the name of the Lord. I’m so happy to be a year older, and I am proud to say that God is the reason. Happy birthday to me!”

9. “It’s my birthday and I am reminded that every sunrise is a promise of a blessed journey ahead. Blessed to have the gift of another year in this beautiful journey.”

10. “I have the strength to overcome all the challenges that cross my path, and I’ve set my sights on the prize. This year, I will be my best self. Happy birthday to me.”

A blonde woman standing amidst a golden field under a blue sky representing a happy birthday to me quote

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Quotes For Celebrating Another Year Of Life

1. “Cheers to another year around the sun. I’m so blessed and thankful to be on this rollercoaster ride for one more trip.”

2. “Another year older, another year bolder. So blessed to have the chance to meet the future with a brave heart and an open mind.”

3. “So excited for each new sunrise that awaits me and all the potential this next year holds.”

4. “A new year, a new dream, new plans, and new goals. It is such a blessing to see another birthday in my life.”

5. “Blessed to celebrate another year, not just for the added age but for the added life. Here’s to making each day count and each moment matter.”

6. “The only thing I can do right now is to thank the Lord for his grace, kindness, love, and mercy for He has added another year to my life. I am so happy I am celebrating my birthday today!”

7. “Here’s to another year of meeting challenges with a smile and turning obstacles into opportunities.”

8. “Things have not been that smooth for me. But, a year older and at the start of a new year in my life, I am hopeful things are going to be right. Blessed to see another year!”

9. “The utmost blessing in the whole world is celebrating another year in your life. I am blessed to see another year of existence.”

10. “I am thankful that I have become another year older, another year wiser, and another year more prepared for what lies ahead of me.”

Thank You God For Another Year Quotes

1. “A special day comes with so many blessings, happiness, love, and peace of mind. Thank you, God, for blessing me with another year in my life!”

A woman standing in a sunflower field looking away from the camera representing blessed and thankful quote

2. “Thank you, God, for another year to live, another year to love, and another year to appreciate the gift of life. Thank you for providing me with all I need. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me this day again!”

3. “God, thank you for another opportunity to be healthy enough to see the beginning of another year of my life.”

4. “Just as spices make a meal more endearing, gratitude makes life more fulfilling and satisfying. God, thank you for another year of my life and for spicing my life with your never-ending life.”

5. “Diamonds, golds, and pearls hold nothing to the gift of life. God, thank you for another year of my life.”

6. “God’s love shines brightest in the everyday moments. As I add another candle to my cake, I’m thankful for another year to experience His grace in the laughter, the tears, the triumphs, and the trials.”

7. “I count my blessings instead of my wrinkles. With each passing year, I see more of God’s handiwork in my life. Beyond grateful for another 365-day journey under His guidance.”

8. “God, thank you for adding another year to my years! Thank you for the good health to see another year of my life.”

9. “Every birthday isn’t just about cake and candles. It’s about celebrating God’s grace and the gift of time. Thankful for another year to appreciate sunrises, smiles, and simple moments of joy.”

10. “There are so many reasons to be happy and grateful to God. Thank you, God, for adding a year to my years!”

Bottom Line

Being blessed to see another year of your life full of opportunities and magic is the best birthday present you could ever get. 

Enjoy unwrapping it!

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50 Blessed To See Another Year Quotes For A Fresh Start