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160 Adorable 22nd Birthday Quotes You Will Absolutely Love

160 Adorable 22nd Birthday Quotes You Will Absolutely Love

If someone close to you is celebrating their 22nd birthday, you need a thoughtful happy 22nd birthday quote. Well, I’ve got you covered with plenty of them right here!

I searched the web high and low to assemble this great list of the best 22nd birthday quotes, sweet happy birthday wishes, and lots of cool 22nd birthday captions for Instagram.

These happy birthday quotes will serve as the perfect good morning message to your dear 22-year-old birthday boy or girl.

They can also help you create the sweetest happy 22nd birthday wish for your lover or the coolest 22nd birthday message for your best friend.

You’ll discover the best 22nd birthday captions for Instagram or any other social media platform. Whether it’s your big day or someone else’s, these 22nd birthday captions will express your excitement about it!

This article has it all: the best 22nd birthday quotes, the sweetest happy birthday wishes and messages, and the coolest 22nd birthday captions.

Check them out below!

Top 40 Happy 22nd Birthday Quotes

Let’s start with my list of the best happy 22nd birthday quotes I’ve found online.

1. “On your birthday today, I pray to God to give you more wisdom and guidance to become the person you desire to be.”

I pray to God to give you more wisdom

2. “You are now 22 years old, no matter how many you meet or the decisions you make, I will be by your side to see you grow and support you with pride. Happy birthday!”

3. “Your dreams have wings that unfold every day to allow you to fly and experiment. I celebrate with joy your 22 years, and I wish you can continue being confident in your beautiful life. Congratulations today, and always!”

4. “It is normal for young people to panic as they age; it’s called fear of the unknown. Don’t stop when I get there and keep working hard, and then you will conquer the unknown — happy 22nd birthday.”

5. “Happy 22nd birthday! 22 years is very important. After all, now there are no more loopholes, no more excuses: you are an adult, and you need to act like one. So, on this birthday, I can only wish you good luck and a lot of strength.”

22 years is very important

6. “We live, we learn, we love, we smile, and sometimes, life hits us hard but still we try to survive, your life has been an exemplary one. Happy 22nd birthday dear.”

7. “Happy first 22 years of life, I hope you will fulfill many 22 more and that every single one will be full of joy and satisfaction.”

8. “I will always ask God that you manage to discover, preserve, and appreciate the happiness that is within your being, happy 22nd birthday.”

9. “Throughout our lives, we are harvesting memories, good and bad; each of them is an opportunity to continue growing, I wish you the greatest blessings on your 22nd birthday.”

10. “I think it is a beautiful age to pursue dreams and why not make them come true. With all the love in the world, I wish you a very happy birthday.”

I think it is a beautiful age to pursue dreams

11. “Discover how beautiful it is to fly as high as possible, it is a trip that is made at the age of 22, rise to dream because the days will come when you will see those dreams fulfilled. Congratulations on your birthday!”

12. “Time flies, the sun rises and sets, people come and go but today is your day. Happy 22nd birthday to you!”

13. “Let’s celebrate your 22 years full of dreams that are waiting to be fulfilled so that you have more than enough reasons to continue celebrating your birthday. Congratulations!”

14. “When you are climbing the heights of vigor and wit, the only loyalty you owe to yourself, always remember this, and you will always be better at everything you do. Happy Birthday!”

15. “You are so special to me, and words cannot describe how much you mean to me in this world, nothing can take your place. Happy birthday. May the blessed remains in your years.”

words cannot describe how much you mean to me in this world

16. “Every year life is more interesting if you learn to live. May this birthday bring you much happiness and joy. Happy 22nd birthday.”

17. “Happy 22nd birthday! Live every moment so that it remains unforgettable in your memories because your memories will be the ones that will allow you to make good decisions.”

18. “There is never a better time to be happy than today. It’s your favorite day. Have fun dear. Happy 22nd birthday!”

19. “It is often said that the people who come into your life come for one of these reasons, such as a blessing or a lesson. Whatever the reason, I thank life because you came into my life to give me something fundamental to my growth. I am happy For your 22 years, have a wonderful and splendid day.”

20. “Cellphones can be irritating. You must pay phone bills, charge the battery, messages get delayed, etc. the only reason I haven’t thrown mine away is that it connects us on your birthday. Happy 22nd birthday.”

Cellphones can be irritating

21. “Happy 22nd birthday! You are the person that I never thought to find, and you became my sweet reality! I hope this message touches your heart, so you can know how I feel when I am with you!”

22. “Happy 22nd birthday! We live, learn, love, smile, and sometimes life hits us hard, but still, we try to survive, your life has been exemplary — happy 22nd birthday, dear. I love you so much.”

23. “At 22 years old, you are young enough to enjoy your birthday and old enough to do it responsibly, congratulations on your 22nd birthday, best wishes on this day.”

24. “The older you are, the more you will understand those things that your mother always repeats to you; they are 22 each time you are closer.”

25. “Time flies, the sun rises and sets, people come and go, but today is your special day. Happy 22nd birthday!”

today is your special day

26. “The evidence that you are getting old is that you can no longer place on your cake the number of candles corresponding to your years, happy 22.”

27. “Happy 22nd birthday! Today you celebrate 22 inexhaustible years of desire to live and be happy. I embrace you, and I wish you the best that the future has in store for you. Congratulations!”

28. “Happy and well completed 22 years, I wish that this year will fill you with wonderful things, that you finally get a partner hehe it is not true, I wish for you all the good things that life has in store for you.”

29. “At this age, you will only be successful if you hold onto an extreme faith that is beyond yourself. I hope you are never afraid while traveling — happy 22nd birthday.”

30. “Youth is a very precious gift, is it not long for when it is lost? If the youth is also added to beauty, kindness, and generosity towards others, a full future is predicted.”

Youth is a very precious gift,

31. “Happy 22 years! May your path be full of dreams and your horizon of compliments.”

32. “At 22 years old, we can fight for what we always wanted, enjoy this anniversary and go in search of our dreams. You still have time! Happy 22nd birthday!”

33. “A tree sinks its roots into the earth, strengthens its trunk, and raises its generous crown as if wanting to reach the sky. I imagine you as a leafy tree, rooted and at the same time eager to expand and embrace everything.”

34. “As much as you are beginning a more serious new step in your life, keep dreaming and believing in yourself. Happy 22nd birthday, enjoy the moment!”

35. “My infinite desire is that your day is full of surprises, laughter, gifts, and tears; these are only if they are of happiness. Happy 20th birthday plus 2!”

My infinite desire is that your day is full of surprises

36. “Turning years always invites reflection, doesn’t it? Introspection helps us see ourselves and continue building tomorrow. I invite you to dive into the deepest part of your being and then raise your spirit and fly as high as possible.”

37. “Happy 22nd birthday! What else can you do at 22 but fly high without having vertigo? I would like you to discover on your own how beautiful it is to fly high! A thousand congratulations on your day!”

38. “I hope you continue to cultivate that beautiful personality, Sweet, Beautiful, noble, Gentle, happy 22 years, have a very special day.”

39. “I wish you all the beauty that you deserve from here to eternity. Happy birthday!”

40. “Happy 22nd birthday, may your life always be full of happiness, peace, and pleasure. I wish you a wonderful life.”

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may your life always be full of happiness, peace, and pleasure

Sweet Happy 22nd Birthday Quotes For My Love

The following list of happy 22nd birthday quotes contains the sweetest birthday wishes you can send to your lover, or even better, write them on their birthday card.

1. “You are so special to me and words cannot describe how much you mean to me in this world, nothing can take your place. Happy 22nd Birthday my first and only love. Stay blessed.”

You are so special to me

2. “We’ve got ourselves through much and less that no one would ever know what we’ve been through. I would prefer nobody else to spend my life with but you. Happy 22nd Birthday my love.”

3. “No gift can be able to appreciate the best lover in the world for all your sacrifices for me when I couldn’t do anything for me. Happy 22nd birthday, my love!”

4. “Your mind-blowing profundity for me is something I can see from looking straightforwardly at you. I trust I’ll be more damn smitten in love with you big time every day. Cheerful 22nd birthday to you, my love.”

5. “Happy birthday to my partner in crime, and the best thing that ever happened to me. You are the love of my life. I wish you the best in life this new year and beyond. Love you always.”

Happy birthday to my partner in crime,

6. “At 22, the sort of life you envision will not be in the hands of just anybody but only yourself. Do your best to keep it at its pace and exert much effort towards it. Have an incredible 22nd birthday.”

7. “Reach for the peak, work hard to achieve your dreams; your life has just taken a phase. Happy birthday, my love!”

8. “Happy 22nd birthday to the person I wish to hold forever in my heart. I love you! Have the best day ever.”

9. “Beautiful birthday to you, my sweety. Today you’re officially 22 years old, it has never come a day that I don’t feel grateful for having you here in my life. Survive life, love to the fullest, and be cheerful like there is no tomorrow. Have a lovely day.”

10. “Words can’t say how much happiness I wish for you. Enjoy your birthday this year and for the next 100 years and a day. Happy 22nd birthday, my love!”

Words can’t say how much happiness I wish for you.

11. “Thanks for supporting me and for taking your time with me. You are a great person, and I am honored to be celebrating you today. Have an enjoyable 22nd birthday, my love!”

12. “I love you that much to the point that I would not really bother to save you from the fuss of staying up, you cutting your birthday cake and opening all your presents. Happiest 22nd birthday to you.”

13. “For your birthday, I just want to say: I hope you can see how special you are to me. Happy birthday, my love!”

14. “I hope that this lovely day of yours turns out to be the best among the previous ones. Have a cheerful 22nd birthday, love. You don’t know how you made me so joyful today by allowing me to jubilate this beautiful day with you!”

15. “You cause me to sing with so much delight each time you visit me in my mind, and today, you never leave my thoughts as I wish you good things abundantly. Lots of love to my ever-beautiful 22-year-old!”

You cause me to sing with so much delight

16. “It runs in your blood to become someone with pure greatness. I am so glad for all your success up to this point. Happiest 22nd birthday to you, my love.”

17. “Happy birthday, my darling companion. You bring me joy in so many ways and have made my life complete! You deserve all the love and happiness.”

18. “What can I say? You are my favorite person. Why? You are just so cute, and I love seeing you blush. Happy 22nd birthday, my beautiful love!”

19. “Happy birthday, babe. I hope that you’re as happy at the end of every day as you are right now. I love you always and forever.”

20. “There is no certain present that is adequate to express my deepest gratitude to you for everything that you have sacrificed for me. Thanks for loving and supporting me all this time. May you have a brilliant 22nd birthday today.”

Thanks for loving and supporting me all this time

21. “Hope that this 22nd birthday celebration of yours is greater than the previous birthday bash. You own this day, so enjoy. May you have a great time, and may all of your desires transpire, sweetheart!”

Thoughtful 22nd Birthday Quotes For Best Friend

Make your best friend feel special on their bday by sending them one of these lovely happy 22nd birthday quotes.

1. “You have been a great influence in my life. You are not just special, you are an angel. Have a wonderful birthday, my best friend.”

You have been a great influence in my life

2. “What do you want in life? As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray you get all your heart desires. Wishing you the best dear.”

3. “Happy birthday to a friend who is good at who is very terrible at being bad, may your good nature pave more ways for you as you clock 22 today.”

4. “We have been through thick and thin together; here I am celebrating your 22nd birthday like it’s mine, I cherish moments such as today. I wish you the happiest birthday, my dear friend.”

5. “I hope you’ll get a lot of presents. But presents don’t make a 22-year-old happy anymore but friends. I hope many of them will make your day today. Happy 22nd birthday!”

I hope you’ll get a lot of presents

6. “The last time you celebrated your birthday, we did not only have fun, but we also had a personal connection together. You made me feel happy. On this special day of yours, I want to celebrate with you as well and replicate that love.”

7. “Today you celebrate your 22nd birthday, now let happiness follow you as you become the symbol of joy and optimism: happy 22nd birthday buddy.”

8. “Knowing I have you as my friend makes me smile every day. Happy Birthday my dear friend.”

9. “If I can predict the future, I will say you become very successful, buy big houses, and drive the best cars. I can say all these because you have shown a great attitude towards success. I really wish you the best things in life. Happy 22nd Birthday, my friend!”

10. “Hooray! Jump up! Shout! Laugh! It’s your special day. Happy Birthday, best friend. I wish you a long life and prosperity.”

I wish you a long life and prosperity

11. “Pal today, you are magnificent as a tree planted by the riverbed, with leaves evergreen and bark glowing, branches spread broad touching the river, and roots so firm and unmoved. Happy 22nd Birthday.”

12. “Twenty to twenty-five are the best years in the life of humans, in it lies youthfulness at its peak. Never forget to live optimally. Happy 22nd Birthday wonderful friend. Enjoy your special day.”

13. “Life without you would have no meaning, so take a seat, let us bring out the cake and celebrate many more years with you. Happy 22nd birthday buddy!”

14. “Do not count the mistakes you have made; instead, count the experiences. And count the blessings which will help make this a special day. Happy 22nd birthday, my dear friend!”

15. “Happy birthday, bestie! Here’s to the year ahead! This is gonna be your best year yet.”

Here’s to the year ahead!

16. “To have a fantastic friend like you is gold, a very valuable treasure. You own this day to radiate and sparkle. Have a fantastic birthday! Wishing you a beautiful 22nd birthday celebration.”

17. “Enter the world and take what you want in your heart because you really deserve it. Happy 22nd birthday, friend!”

18. “Happy birthday, my best friend. Thank you for your constant presence in my life and the words of wisdom you always give. Your friendship is one I quite simply cannot live without.”

19. “Happy 22nd birthday! May turning 22 open your eyes to see all the good opportunities that come your way.”

20. “Happy 22nd birthday, my dear friend. You are the most amazing person I have met so far, and the fact that I share this special day with you makes me feel so lucky. Enjoy your plus one!”

You are the most amazing person I have met so far

21. “Happy 22nd birthday, dear friend! But how can we throw your party? I’m not sure if I would be great without your assistance.”

22. “Another birthday means your life journey is incomplete. May your path be paved with success and guided by love. Best wishes, my friend.”

23. “Happiest of birthdays to the world’s kindest, most beautiful, and wonderful friend! Thanks for making every day special.”

24. “I hope that this year brings you all the good things and wonderful moments. Have a great birthday, my friend.”

25. “You took the words right out of my mouth. Happy 22nd birthday! It is okay to go crazy on your birthday as long as you do smart things.”

You took the words right out of my mouth

26. “Happy birthday to my crazy, fun, fabulous best friend! I love you to the moon and back. I am so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times that we’ve shared this year. I hope you have a great day!”

Best 22nd Birthday Captions For Instagram

Here are some cool 22nd birthday captions you can post on Instagram to share your excitement about your or someone else’s big day.

1. Today, the world received a gift. It’s me and you’re welcome.

Today, the world received a gift

2. 22 years ago right on this day, I was born kicking and crying. Amazingly it all went by so fast and smooth.

3. I was born 22 years ago today. But I’m ageless.

4. Birthdays are good for me. The more I have, the longer I live.

5. I have many problems in life. But my lips don’t know that. They always smile.

6. Worry less, smile more. Don’t regret it, just learn and grow.

7. Making my years count instead of counting the years.

8. At 22, you may still hope to be young and save those happy childhood years, but don’t be confused by that feeling. Keep going on. Happy 22nd birthday.

9. On the surface of this earth, I feel lucky to be one of the few who know you, happiest bday!

10. When the candles cost more than the cake, it’s time to realize you’re getting old.

it’s time to realize you’re getting old

11. Buddy, happy 22nd birthday to you, I wish you will have endless laughter from this special day.

12. Today, we celebrate me.

13. I’m so freakin’ happy you were born.

14. Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.

15. I do not know about you, but I feel 22.

16. Happy birthday, baby! Being your girlfriend rocks. Except on your birthday because you have expensive taste.

17. Looking forward to turning a year older.

18. Today’s the day I can wear this birthday crown!

19. Living for 22 years is a great success, so wishing you unlimited success.

20. Beginning from the bottom and now I am 22.

Beginning from the bottom and now I am 22.

21. Never regret something that once made you smile.

22. It’s my big day and I want to be spoiled rotten.

23. Becoming 22 and suddenly all the teenagers seem like 12.

24. 22 candles shine wonderfully. But I’ll still be shining after I blow out the fires.

25. You don’t need an Instagram reminder to remember my birthday.

26. Life’s too short to not celebrate every chance you get! Happy birthday to me!

27. It’s my B-Day today and I’m curating the vibe.

28. Happy 22nd birthday to someone who is good at being bad.

29. Cheers to 22 years!

30. Old enough to know better. Young enough to get away with it.

Old enough to know better.

31. Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the more you have the longer you live.

32. Celebrate your birthday, go have lots of fun, everybody should enjoy it and have tons of fun. Happy birthday.

33. Happy birthday to the funniest, most charming, and attractive personality in town. Have a great day today and happy birthday!

34. I’m not getting older, I’m just becoming a classic.

35. Starting from below we now have 22.

36. I hope the birthday cake is as sweet as I.

37. Calm down, it’s my 22nd birthday.

38. Another year older, none the wiser.

39. I don’t get older, I level up.

40. Can’t keep calm, I’m 22!

Can’t keep calm, I’m 22

41. Guess who’s celebrating their B-Day today?

42. Well, at least I am not as old as I will be next year!

43. Eating my cake and wearing it, too.

44. Nothing can stop me this year.

45. Found my birthday crown.

46. Today marks the 22nd year of my journey.

47. Never think you are alone, I am always there for all your fixes. Happy birthday.

48. Gonna party like it’s my birthday… ’cause it is.

49. Can’t help being cute, I was born this way.

50. A very happy 22nd birthday to you, a charming prince — me.

A very happy 22nd birthday to you

51. Thank you to all those who never stop believing in me and I hope that this birthday is a great one!”

52. If I didn’t post a cute pic of myself, would you even know it was my birthday?

53. They say it’s your birthday; we’re gonna have a good time.

54. You do the most adorable things without realizing it.

55. Would it really be my birthday if I didn’t take a selfie?

56. Cheers to a day as special as me.

57. Live your life and forget your age.

58. Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

59. I love you like I love cake at a birthday party. Don’t forget to invite me. Happy Birthday.

60. Another year older, another year wiser? I guess we’ll see!

Another year older, another year wiser

61. Every step of the way you were there for me. Through thick and thin I’ll always be there for you. Happy birthday!

62. Cheers to my 22 years..

63. 22 certainly looks good on me. Happy 22nd birthday to a fresh new self.

64. Editing my birthday playlist.

65. Friends come and go, best friends stay and I am staying for this birthday and every other you will celebrate.

66. Happy Birthday to me, the only person I have lied to about age.

67. The only thing I hear is 22 beers.

68. Last year’s birthday was great. This one is looking grand already. There is happiness in the air. 22 looks good on me.

69. Come on Barbie, let’s go party.

70. Happy birthday! We grew up together doing crazy things and now it’s time to do bigger ones.

We grew up together doing crazy things and now it's time to do bigger ones

71. Congratulations! You’ve been through 22 years now.

72. It’s not the years that count, it’s the memories you make over these years.

73. Bro, happy 22nd birthday. I wish that you would have tons of laughter for this special day too.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed reading this collection of the best happy 22nd birthday quotes, wishes, and 22nd birthday captions!

Now, use some of these great birthday wishes to share some nice words of kindness with someone you care for.

Until next time!